.:Angel's Wish:.

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Welcome to Angel's Wish aka a request page. You can wish for many graphics in this page. E-mail me your request at mailshadowfire@gmail.com In the e-mail please include your
Others Credits:
Type of graphic(s) you want:

Give me as much detail as possible, not just say something like "Green layout". It'll help me, and you'll be more satisfied with the graphic(s) as well.
This may sound a bit selfish, but I do have a life, and I can choose to make the graphic(s) or not. And if I do, please give me time. Also, in the form, if you DONT have a site, simply type "I don't have one" but if you have one, please include the URL in the e-mail.


  You MUST give me credit for the graphic.
  Nothing inappropiate like hentai, hard yaoi/yuri, etc. (Basically nothing hardcore)
  Do not complain, whine, or rush me.
  You may wish for more than one graphic in a wish, but you may only send a wish ONCE a week.
  Do not request unless you will actually use the graphic(s). Please don't waste my time. Collecting does not count as using!
  Once you recieved your wish, e-mail me that you did.
Remember, even though this is custom made, you still need to follow the terms of use!!
Last but not least, be polite. I will NOT make the graphic(s) if I think you're sounding rude/demanding.

Put "Wish from Angel's Wish" for the title of the e-mail.

Graphics I make


*Please note that I'll offer your requested graphic(s) for ALL the visitors on my site!!

.:Example Form:.

You may be confused by the way I explained how you should fill in the form, so I decided to make a "example form" which I find would be a good one.
Name: ShadowFire
E-mail: mailshadowfire@gmail.com
Site: http://shadowfire.prism.net
Others: [the image is attatched]
Others Credits: http://boyis.com
Type of graphic(s) you want: Iframe Layout
Details: Theme color:Orange
Image Font: Baby Kruffy
Extras: Two 80X80 avatars, two 88X31 buttons, two 200X184 banners.
Title:Orange Dreams
I would like the main image to be the image I attatched. The content box to be on the bottom left of the image. The menu box to be about 20 pixels beside it. For both the content and menu box background, I would like them to be light orange, the ocapacity about 80 or so, so that you still can see the image. The font color dark orange, the links to be light orange, but turns to medium orange when hovered. For the title color, make it the same as the link's color. Also, please make the borders dark orange. If it's not too much trouble, please also "soften" the image (like what you did in your tutorial) and make the image color slightly orange. Thanks. =)
It would be better if it was more detailed then in the example, but it's just an example, and I don't want to type too much. XD

I got the idea of making this page from Ticklish Designs' Wishing Star

Last updated: 13/02/07