If you would like to suggest me to make a graphic, then read on. =)
So to make it more clear, if you've seen a style I used that you like and would like me to make a graphic with that style again, then you can suggest me that idea.

Note* This is not a request page. If you want to request a graphic, please go here. This page is for people who want to suggest something.

Before Suggesting

Please only suggest things that I have done before.
You can suggest me to make more of a certain type of graphic (eg~ signs, avatars, buttons, etc)
Since this is a suggestion, I may not make the graphic. I'll try to, but I may not get the chance.
You do not have to be very clear/specific about your suggestion like you would have to with a request.

.:Example Suggestion:.

If you are confused about the things above, here are two different examples:
Name: ShadowFire
E-mail: mailshadowfire@gmail.com
Site: http://shadowfire.prism.net
Suggestion: I like the style you used for your Violet Rhapsody layout. The way you used the pixel stretch on the image. Also, can you make more purple themed layouts?
Name: ShadowFire
E-mail: mailshadowfire@gmail.com
Site: http://shadowfire.prism.net
Suggestion: Can you make some more wallpapers and blogs? Thanks =)


The reason I added this page is because I've been to some sites, that used a certain style for their graphics for a long time. The sites' styles were actually pretty similar, and I really liked it. But then after a while, they changed into a new style. It is still nice, but then they didn't make anything with their old style anymore. And well, I just really missed their previous graphics.
I haven't actually have a "style" for a period of time, but if someone has spotted something that I had done but never made anything out of it again, here's a chance for them to see it again. =)

Last updated: 13/01/07