.:Webdesign Experience:.

Online Name: ShadowFire
Web/Graphic Design Experience: 7 years
Began: March 13, 2005

Sites owned:
ShadowFire The first site I ever created. =D Boy, was I a n00b back then. This was the site that I was determined to keep, and now it's still up. ^^ I just hope it won't close.... Officially opened on 05/03/13.
I used to have subsites of ShadowFire. They all closed around the same time, during late 2005 or early 2006. They were all information/ personal opinions about Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, Inuyasha, Yukirin['s artworks]
ShadowFire Blog
Creative name, isn't it? Anyway, like it says, it was my blog site. I decided to close it because I didn't update it very much. Officially opened on 05/08/16; Officially closed on 05/12/03.
Kadaj Fanlisting Another original name! I opened my first (and probably last) fanlisting. I was really really obsessed about him that time and I was bored. But I ended up closing it about 3 days later LOL. Officially opened on 05/09/22; Officially closed date unknown.
Angel Spirit This was a gallery site for images drawn by Yukirin. The name was from Michelle, who gave me the subdomain. =) Despite the fact that I spent so much time on the layout, I ended up closing it fairly quickly. Officially opened on 06/01/24; Officially closed date unknown.
ShadowFire's Portfolio
Mystic and I decided to make our own portfolios during late 2007. I completed the layout in 2008, but I didn't open the site until 2009. (wow, 2 years of progress) It basically displayed layouts/wallpapers that can be downloaded on this site and my rants about them. However, it automatically closed when my previous host stopped providing hosting and I doubt I'll put it back up again. Officially opened on 09/06/18; Officially closed on 11/06/01.
It's been 3 years since I first wanted to open a separate art site. I didn't do so because I felt I just didn't have enough artworks to display. But now I've decided to go ahead anyway. Unlike the portfolio, I finished the site in 3 days. Officially started 09/07/13.

Sites staff at:
Ticklish Designs Oekaki
This was the first site I was ever an admin at. It wasn't a design site though, it was an oekaki. I was the first few members of the oekaki and I ended up being an admin very quickly. Boy, I was really happy. =) I started sometime during the middle of 2005, but sometime during 2006 I visited the oekaki less and less. (I used to check it everyday!) I never really announced that I would be leaving the oekaki though. Officially started date unknown; Officially resigned date unknown.
Dream Song Stuff
The webmistress was Emily. Actually she was someone I met at the TD Oekaki. She asked me to be a staff at her site and we started the site together. I wasn't sure what happened to the site, actually. XD It just somehow.. "dissapeared". I guess Emily just deleted it. The site closed/dissapeared sometime in early September. Officially started 05/08/11; Officially resigned date unknown.
Elysian Rhapsody
Well, this is the site that Mystic and I started on. There wasn't really a main webmistress for the site, so I suppose that we were both co-webmistresses. XD We started working on it sometime during december, and after a break we split it into three sections: our own portfolios and a resources website. However, like my portfolio, it automatically closed after my previous host stopped providing hosting. We have both decided not to reopen it. Officially started date unknown; Officially resigned 11/06/24.

Last updated: 13/01/07