Want to become affies or siblings? Great! Just read the rules and fill in the form below.


Rules aren't hard to qualify. I'm very light at this. =)

To Qualify As An Aff/Sib
1. Please have a graphics site, or at least a site that offer some graphics.
2. No hentai. Shounen ai and shoujo ai is alright, but nothing hardcore. (I don't really care what the images you use are from [like anime/manga/game,etc], as long as the image itself is appropiate)
3. Please type in proper English. No n00b, 1337, or sTiCkY cApS (it's okay if you use them at the odd time, but not always)
4. Please don't have more than 10 affies/sibs (depending on what you're applying). This is for becoming friends, NOT for hits.

To Qualify If Accepted As Aff/Sib
1. Let me know if you're site is going on hiatus or is closing.
2. You must link back on almost every page (that's what I'll be doing for you)
3. Absolutely no dead sites! Update at least once a month.
4. Stay in contact!! (You can e-mail or drop a note on the tagboard is fine)

Note* I am going to be more picky, not necessarily on designing skills, but on activity and contact. This is very important! I have ran into this problem with a few of my affiliates recently and I do not want to affiliate with a dead site and an owner that does not talk to me. Please update and keep in contact with me if you're accepted.
P.S. I don't want to come off as a creepy stalker and I don't expect you to follow my site religiously. XD What I'm asking for really isn't that hard, just make sure you don't "dissapear". =)


Affiliate Or Sibling:


If the form doesn't work, please copy and fill in ALL the information below and send it to mailshadowfire@gmail.com.

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Last updated: 11/06/25