Here are the awards I've won; they are listed from oldest to newest.

From: Ticklish Designs
Event: Puff Contest
From: Ticklish Designs
Event: Persona Design Contest
From: Soda Pop
Event: "Huh" Game
From: Soda Pop
Event: Banner Contest
From: Lost Reality Design
Event: Guessing Game
From: Anime_Death
Event: Awards For You
From: Digital Lavender
Event: Button Contest
From: Sweet Sorrow
Event: Avatar Contest
From: Night Frost
Event: Layout Contest
From: Caramello Designs
Event: Scavenger Hunt
From: Dark Jest
Event: Who Am I
From: Solaris Designs
Event: Guess The Quote
From: Ashita He
Event: Awards For You
From: Mochimitsu
Event: Find Meganium

Last updated: 13/08/11