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Common Questions
What should I do first before using your graphics?
Please read the Terms Of Use first.

May I direct link/ hotlink your images?
ONLY if the images have a link for you direct link beneath them.

What are affiliates? Do you need to have the owner's permission to be affiliates with them?
Affiliates are people who exchanges links, but they're usually a more than just link exchangers. Affiliates, siblings, and sisters tend to be closer with each other. You should always ask for the owner's permission before putting their site under your affiliate section.

Would you need to ask for the site owner's permission just to link them?
In most cases, you don't. Many site owners would be happy if you linked their site, but some would prefer if you don't. If you want to be on the safe side, ask the owners first. ;)

Will you help me make a site?
I want to help you, but it depends on if I have time. I used to have way more time, but I now I unfortunately don't. =( However, if you really want to make a site and is actually serious about it (not just because you're bored), and you're patient and respectful, we can talk about it. =) However, teaching someone to create a site will take lots of time, so I want you to be sure that you want to KEEP and maintain the site. If you're only planning to keep it for about a week, don't even bother contacting me about it. If I'm going to teach you, I'm going to be serious about it, so don't waste my time. (eek I sounded so harsh XO)

How long does it normally take you to create a layout?
It's usually around 1-3 days (it takes a while because I always add something a little extra into my layouts) but when I'm slacking off, it may take weeks.

Can we be affiliates/siblings?
Take a look at the affiliation page and if you think you qualify the rules, fill out the form and we'll see. =)

What does restribute and cropping graphics mean?
Well, if you restribute a graphic (or something else), you are putting it on your site to offer it to YOUR visitors (or putting it on someone else's site to offer it to THEIR visitors). Cropping a graphic means to cut out a part of it.

Questions from visitors
How did you get the guestbook, polls, counters, and the thing that goes good morning, afternoon and evening?
Well, I got my Guestbook, Poll and Counter from Bravenet and the thing that can change by it self from Bravenet too. But I didn't get that from the website, I got it from e-mail. Anyways, here is the is the code for it.

Do I have to link back to you if I read your tutorials and made graphics and put them on my site?
Please do.

What do you use to make layouts?
I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and notepad.

Are all the graphics, really, really, really free?????????????
Yes. All the graphics are free. =)

Why isn't my textbox, comment box, dropdown menu, and reset/send buttons' font and background doesn't look fancy like the ones that's on your site?
That's because you need to add a CSS code. Put this code (edit the bold text to match your layout)
input, textarea
{ border:1px SOLID #000000; background-color:#FFFFFF; font-family: VERDANA;
color: #000000;}
Between the <style></style> tags.

Can you make me a graphic?
Yea sure! Go to the Angel's Wish.

How much does Adobe Photoshop cost?
I'm not exactly sure, but I believe it costs over $100 =/

Can I be a staff? Please?
Sorry, but no. Ever since I opened ShadowFire I wanted to maintain it by myself and only myself. It's not I don't trust you. So no matter how close to me you are, please don't ask if you can be a staff. Even if you beg me a million times. XD It's just gonna make things harder. However, if you want your graphics to be displayed here, feel free to submit them. =)

Do you host? What I mean is, I noticed that some of your pages are subdomains, so I'm just curious if you can host people. And if you can, will you host people, and how do you do that? (because how can you host people when you don't even have your own domain?)
Yes, I can host people. For how to host people, I create a subdomain for them, and then create a FTP account for that subdomain. I have actually hosted a site in the past.

Why do you make/use splash pages? It just wastes time.
Hmm.. good question. I never really noticed it before until a few months ago. Many people think splahes are useless, but I just like them. XD I can't really say why. I've used a splash page ever since I started designing graphics. So.. I'm just used to it. I guess it depends on how you use them. =P Besides, when I make the splash pages for premades, it's the users choice to use them or customize it themself. I now have stopped making splash pages but I still continue to make signs.

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Last updated: 11/06/25