.:Site Layouts:.

Version 3.4
I would say this layout format is an improved version of the last one. After changing to a very wide moniter, I realized the liquid content looks rather awkward, and so those the iframe box above it. So I first centered the new layout, set a max width for the content, and decreased the size of the iframe. All parts of the layout was rather challenging and I used CSS more than I ever had with my previous designs. This is also the first time I used image scrollbars for a main layout. I used a fanart of mine of Kadaj & Rufus from Final Fantasy I tried really hard to not let the textures dominate the image. There are parts of this layout that I really like (such as the 3 duplicates of Kadaj and the drop shadow effect).
(May 2010 - now)
Version 3.3

This layout's format was a huge change. The content stretches across the page, which pleases different screen resolutions a lot more. However, this also meant that I had to edit EVERY page again. =_= I absolutely love this layout.. this is probably the smallest header I've made yet. It's based closely on another layout I made (Allure), so it took me a long time to select the image. It gave off a completely different feel to me, however, but I liked it. It reminded me of those old redish-washed out photographs. Hence the name, Washed Out. This is also the first time I tried using blockquotes..
It lasted about 9 months (August 2009 - May 2010)
Version 3.2

Honestly, I chose FFX because I just didn't know what else to put. I like this layout for the most part ('specially those download/preview buttons), but I'm really dissapointed where Yuna and Tidus is shown, which ironically is the center of attention. I tried something new with the headers & signs. I had to edit every damn page again because of the coding. T_T This layout, however, got on my nerves and I decided to change it.
It lasted about 4 months (March 2009 - August 2009)
Version 3.1

I wanted to create something original and use an image that isn't used a lot on other graphic sites, so I finally decided to draw my own. Unfortunately, the image took away 2 months out of summer (because there were a lot of errors, so i couldn't open the file and work on it) and I didn't like how it turned out very much either. =( The layout itself however, (the image designing part) took very less time. It took a while to code and to make the "little things". I like how it turned out though. =) The layout features an OC of mine that I created 2 years ago, in 2005.
It lasted about 16 months (November 2007 - March 2009)
Version 2.5

Oh my, this layout lasted more than a year. (but during the last 5 months I didn't update the site at all, because I was revamping it XD) When I first made the layout, I thought it was pretty good. But after a while (ok, a LONG while) I really disliked it. When I actually look at it, it's not THAT bad, but my graphics skills improved a lot, so my premades looked a lot better. XD I really wanted to change it, but the site was so disorganized, so I wanted to change it after giving it a biiig revamp. So.. I waited till summer to start. Unfortunately, I wasn't done revamping by the end of summer. XO However, I still think that the layout itself looks kinda nice. =P
It lasted about 17 months (May 2006 - June 2007)
Version 2.4
This layout was not that bad, I guess. The coding was pretty complicated though. The drop down menu really disliked me. >.< When I tried to use another coding that makes the "skin" look better, it hated me even more! It works perfectly on other sites I've visited, but it just screws up whenever I added a new link. T.T I'm just glad that this layout didn't turn out as boring as the Dark Fury layout. X3
It lasted about 5 months (January 2006 - May 2006)
Version 2.3
The first table/iframe layout for ShadowFire. It was okay, I guess. It was also the first layout that had a jukebox. (The one I have right now) But I changed it because it was kinda boring.... What I mean is that only the main image is detailed, and the rest is just.... really plain. And the font is also sometimes hard to read.
It lasted about 5 months (November 2005 - January 2006)
Version 2.2
This was the first layout that I used brushes.... although I think I put to many. XD I really like the way it turned out though.... I like the colors alot to.... it's so peaceful!! X3 But then I got kinda bored with it, so I decided to change it. =P
It lasted about 3 months (August 2005 - November 2005)
Version 2.1
This was the first layout I made for my site, but it didn't last long. Not because I didn't like it or anything, but because I couldn't resist myself on making another layout, and wanted to use it so bad.
It lasted about 4 weeks (August 2005)
Version 1.1
I seriously loved this layout. But I was getting so tired of needing to edit EVERY page every time I add a new link. (It was downloaded at Haru Haru)
It lasted about 6 months (March 2005 - August 2005)

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