.:Past Updates:.

Happy New Year!

14/06/08 EDIT: I have two new affiliates! Please welcome Starshine and Janus 92 Resources!

14/03/02 EDIT: Aaack, sorry for the lack of updates! Been spending a lot of time on school work and applying for jobs. Time has been flying by so quickly--I turned 20 just last month. Boy do I feel old! It's been nine years since I opened ShadowFire. I am currently taking a photography course and I'm really digging it, maybe I'll use some of those photographs in my next graphic update.

Well... hi there! *shot shot shot* I'm so sorry it took this long for a graphic update. I'll get right to it!
1 layout, Dream Catcher
3 avatars
4 buttons
1 gift

This layout is very different from anything I've made in the past. My goal was to make something more customizable. It is also fullscreen and much more responsive and semantic. I've been picking up on the new HTML 5 tags and practising writing more semantic code with more responsive CSS. Pretty much all of my layouts are targeted for newbies and aren't meant to be altered (in terms of images and coding). However, I may start creating some templates that will be more customizable and will be targeted for more experienced users. With that said, those layouts probably won't be strictly using a nice, fancy header since users will be allowed to use their own images instead. *gasp* No permanent header for ShadowFire layout??! That's unheard of! =P Yeah, it kinda freaks me out a bit but trying out something new is good too! Hopefully other users will find these type of layouts to be useful. =D

So... what the hell have I been doing for the past few months? Well, I've been getting my ass kicked in school, that's what! I took a crazy busy course that had the course work the equivalent of three courses. I had five days to complete each project (dead lines were every Monday) so I was literally working on that one course all day for five days each week. Oh, I also lost my all nighter virginity to that course. Once I actually stayed overnight on campus... but it was fun! In the end, I really enjoyed that course despite the amount of work and craziness. Made a lot of really good friends! Nooooow that I'm on winter break, I have been working on my resume and portfolio (was totally supposed to do them during my school semester until I got raped by the course). I took a break from that to make some site content here! =)

Anyway, I hope ya'll had a great 2013! Onwards to 2014!

Monday, 13/12/30, 1:00 AM

Layout Release:

13/10/07 EDIT:
Hey all, apologies for the lack of updates! Right now I practically have no free time due to an incredibly large workload from school. However, I did manage to change the main layout and add a new CG artwork onto my art site, LightWater, last month. Meanwhile, please check out my new affiliate, Ariashii!

13/08/11 EDIT:
I have relinked/reuploaded all the missing graphics, so everything should be up now! If I have missed any by chance, please let me know. =) I am also super ecstatic right now because I found out I did MUUUCH better on one of my finals than I had expected. Wheeeeee!

13/08/07 EDIT:
Hey all, this isn't much of an update as much as a notice that I'm currently restoring the graphics that have been down. Soooo, my files that were hosted on FileDen were "temporarily" down for weeks due to server maintenence. During that time, I haven't been able to make backups because I couldn't access the files at all. Today I just found out that my files have been permanently deleted. Whoooo, what a treat. Luckily, I should have a copy of those files on my computer. I just have to spend some time tracking down exactly which files I uploaded to FileDen before reuploading them to my current server (which I'm sure will be much more reliable). I'll post another notice when I have everything back up.

Hello there! I finally recieved my mark for my layout today so I'm releasing it, as promised.
1 layout, Audio Crave
2 avatars
3 buttons

I should point out that I probably won't be any more signs in the future. I love making layout sets but I realize that like splash pages, signs in general are very out of fashion now. Ahhh how times change. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the year 2005. *__*
I also made an update to the About Me page; I realized I never changed my age from 18 to 19. I might update the little bio/description too. Lol, I must've typed it so long ago, it's quite amusing to read. =D A friend of mine actually got me back into anime again. I've always liked anime but never actually watched many. Over the past few weeks, I checked out the first few episodes of a bunch of different anime.. like Attack on Titan, Kemonozume, Ghost in the Shell, Elfen Lied, and Btooom. However, the only one I thoroughly enjoyed and finished was Psycho Pass. It really is a great series with a really good story. I don't know if I'll make any graphics out of it.. maybe I'll make a fanart or something. However, right now I'm working on a Ghost in the Shell fanart that I've been planning to do since last year. =D

Friday, 13/07/09, 8:58 PM
Premade Coming Soon:

Hi there, just letting y'all know that I actually have a layout set completed but I'm just holding off the release for a short while. Why, you ask? The original version was designed for a web design course I'm currently taking and the prof/TA will be using those cross reference tools to make sure students aren't plagiarizing. Although it's my work either way, I don't want to risk the chance of false accusations and having to go and explain how my online alias is "ShadowFire", etc etc etc. So I think the best way to avoid a shitstorm is to not put up the layout until the assignment is marked. The due date was yesterday so it could take two weeks for it to be marked. Buuuuuuuuuut here is a small preview below:

I also got a new affiliate a while back; please welcome Mochimitsu! Sorry for the late announcement! >_<

Saturday, 13/06/22, 3:05 PM

Layout Set:

Ahhhhh, I've FINALLY added a new layout set! Here is the breakdown:
1 layout, Myths & Legends
2 avatars
2 buttons
5 signs

I have always loved and still love the dreamy ethereal effect that can barely be found anywhere nowadays. *sigh*This layout features my fanart from the anime Mononoke. If you want a closer look at the painting, you can see it on LightWater.

I will be turning 19 in just five days! Woooooooow, it's been SUCH a long time.. I got into this world nearly eight years ago, just shortly after I turned 11. I wonder how long I will keep doing my thing. =O *ponders*
I also have a new affiliate, Heart's Melody. Welcome to the family!

Friday, 13/02/15, 6:28 PM
Official New Site URL:

Happy 2013! ShadowFire's new URL is http://shadowfire.prism.net. (shadowfire.three-words.net also works) HOWEVER, please bear in mind that the URL will NOT work if you add www. in front of it. Thank you to those who gave me their opinions on which domain name to go for. I have updated several pages and fixed the broken links for the graphics (avatars, buttons, etc). Also, my art site LightWater also has a new URL: http://lightwater.erki.net =)

Wednesday, 13/01/09, 5:31 PM

Temporary New URL:

//12/12/22 EDIT: I haven't heard any word from my domain host so I really don't know if they're ever going to be back up or even if they're officially closed. However, I have found a new URL redirection host so now I am deciding on which domain to pick. So expect a new URL soon!

Well at least I hope it's temporary. ^^; It seems like the server provided by my domain host is down and I really don't know when it will be back up, if ever. =/ For now, my new URL is http://shadowfire.three-words.net. Much thanks to Misaki for letting me use this subdomain. <3

Also, please welcome my new sibling, Daisy Dead Petals! =D

Thursday, 12/10/25, 5:30 PM

Back To School:

Ahhh, so I am back from my vacation. Oh man, it was soooooooo much fun, I didn't want it to end. D= Now I have replaced fun with work. First year at uni so I don't know how well I can handle it. Unfortunately I haven't made any content updates but I will try to when I can! Too-da-loos! (lol I feel like such a tool for saying that)

Monday, 12/09/17, 8:28 PM


Yeah, so I switched the tagboard because my old one was being raped by spam. Hmmm so I quit my job since I'll be leaving the country & focusing on school after I come back. I actually don't really want to quit because I like my coworkers so much. I had a blast with them 2 days ago when we went to dinner together. I really hope I'll hang out with them sometime in the future. =) Anyway, the main point of this update is that I'm going on vacation till the last day of August. My flight is tonight so I probably won't be updating my site for 1 & half months. Meanwhile, I have made some content updates on my art site, LightWater. Till then!

Tuesday, 12/07/13, 12:04 PM

Final Fantasy X Again:

Can never get rid of my boner for Final Fantasy X
1 layout, Destiny's Adversities
3 avatars
2 buttons
5 signs

I had an impulse to make a Final Fantasy X layout just by listening to its soundtrack this morning. No joke. But I failed to carry out my initial "vision" for the design T_T. BRING ME FFX HD NOOOOOOW!! And I'm going to replace the tagboard with some random online one. Though I spent so much time coding this PHP/MySQL tagboard, the spam is really starting to piss me off and I haven't found a good spam block method yet sooooo yeah.
Also, my girl Amaya came back with a new site Spellbound. Of course, we're affies again. =) Welcome back dear!


Sooo, I started webdesign shortly after I turned 11 back when I was in grade 5. Now I'm 18 and I'm going to graduate from highschool in only 5 days! (Unfortunately I have an English provincial the DAY BEFORE *eyeroll*) I actually managed to win the Senior Graphic Design & Computer Science awards. Was totally shocked when I got the Senior Japanese award too though there are like only 3 grade 12's this year LOL. Just watched Prometheus yesterday. There were four people in the theatre. Four people. And that's including my friend and I. I feel kinda bad for the other two people watching because my friend and I kept making stupid comments lawls at all the sexual connotations. There's a scene that totally made me go "HULK SMASH". *shot shot shot* I totally dug the main female character played by Noomi Rapace <3 and I wanted to pimp slap David so bad. It was a pretty awesome flick but there were soooo much plot holes.. GIVE ME 30 MINUTES MORE!!!!
And on another random note, I got my first cell phone evah! Was gonna get a HTC One X, but the day after I confirmed my decision to get it the price started to increase on eBay. Other a week the price went from $550 to $680. WTF. So I just decided to get an older phone, a Samsung Galaxy SII. Quickly bought it in case the price goes nuts as well. Now here's the kicker: on the following day, the price for the HTC One X dropped back to to $550. WHAT. THE. PISS. Could I not have gotten a larger metamorphical middle finger? Buuut, the Galaxy seems pretty good so far.. been spending waaaay to much time on it. =P Kay I'm done.

Tuesday, 12/05/14, 10:55 PM


While I was still struggling with pagination I was very lucky to recieve an e-mail (2 actually) from a very kind visitor, Lori of Lovespire, who pointed me to an awesome tutorial by PHP Freaks. After playing around with it, I managed to get it to work in all pages, no matter what my WHILE code was. Again, I wouldn't have been able to done this without the tip from Lori and PHP Freak's awesome script/tutorial. Thank you so much!! Aaand, of course, I wanna thank my host, Misaki for helping me out with my various problems as well, hehe.

Oooh, and yes, I did watch the Avengers. It was a really good movie indeed, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would after hearing so many rave reviews for the movie. I guess I was expecting it to be like X-Men: First Class too much (where it had a lot more story instead of action). But w/e, I'll probably enjoy the movie more when I watch it the second time. =)

Tuesday, 12/05/14, 11:20 PM

Cutenews to PHP and MySQL:

While I was still struggling with pagination I was very lucky to recieve an e-mail (2 actually) from a very kind visitor, Lori of Lovespire, who pointed me to an awesome tutorial by PHP Freaks. After playing around with it, I managed to get it to work in all pages, no matter what my WHILE code was. Cutenews has recently been banned on this server and unfortunately I use that script to organize quite a bit of my graphics & commenting system. So the past week I've been working behind the scenes to switch from Cutenews to MySQL databases & PHP. Initially I was going to use Wordpress but I couldn't find (and didn't know) a way to change the formatting to mimick the style I use to organize my graphics. After a few days I switched to MySQL and after I created a database I just sat their looking for an "Edit" button LOL. Thanks to phpBasics' tutorial, I finally learned how to "edit" a database. XD

I also had to change the tagboard and used Hardcoder's guestbook tutorial for that. I really tried to maintain the small iframe for the comments above the form but I couldn't make the page refresh (and load the new post) when a new post was submitted. So in the end, I just kept everything in one page and put the comments on the bottom.

Unfortunately, I haven't found any success with pagination. =( Soo.. the pages will be really long especially in the "All" page.
Anyway, the sections that have been affected are avatars, buttons, layouts, and the tagboard. Lemme know if anything goes wrong for ya! (off to watch the Avengers OMFG SQUEE)

Tuesday, 12/05/08, 2:33 PM

Supernatural Layout:

My long overdue "first update of 2012" *shot shot shot*
So at the end of last year I said I will make some Supernatural graphics... and here they are!
1 layout, The Beginning
3 avatars
2 buttons
5 signs

This layout focuses on the first season, and one of my favourite episodes of all time, Hell House. Whenever I think of the line "Saving people, hunting things. The family business" I hear it in Dean's current low and rough voice. But when I rewatched that episode 3 days ago, I was like WTF is there something wrong with the sound? LOL Though I watched the first 6 seasons within 2 months (hah, obsessed I know) I never really noticed the voice change. =O Same thing with Sam's.. though it's not as drastic as Dean's. It's surprising their faces don't age much over 6 years though. =O
Just got into the band Blue yesterday.. they've got some really nice songs. Duncan James looks like Brad Pitt, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, and David Cook's baby LOL. Maybe I'll make something out of them? I dunno.
On another note, I got into the university I want to go to! Whoot!
Anyway, till next time. =D

Tuesday, 12/02/07, 7:47 PM

Christmas And New Years Gift:

Soooo, I've made a gift for you all. *points above* Aaah, been busy working on a CG and gaming and watching TV the past 2 months.. I really hope I can get it done before 2012! XD About over a week ago the site that I juse to host a majority of my graphics went down under maitenence. My account was taking longer to become re-accessible than the date predicted. I was really worried and I thought that I would have to find a new host and reupload all of my graphics. Thankfully, my account is now back up and running, but I apologize for the time that they were down. (about 2 weeks)

Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic winter and wish you the best in 2012~

Friday, 11/12/22, 4:51 PM

Here Here:

Helloooooooooooooo! So I actually made a wallpaper out of my CG, Hopeless (I wanted to do that since like.. 3 months ago). I was trying to make a layout at first but I well.. kinda "eased" it into a wallpaper LOL. It is quite different compared to what I planned it to look like, mainly the area where text replaces the bottom half of her face. It might work as a layout, so I'm going to try that too. I just wanted to make this small update in case my attempt at the layout takes too long.

From now on, I'll be making my wallpapers in these 3 sizes: 1280X1024, 1280X600, and 1024X768. A while back I did a research on the most commonly used screen sizes and those 3 always showed up. Since 800X600 is out dated now, I'll no longer be making wallpapers in that size. Oh man, I can't believe it's been 1.5 years since I last made a wallpaper for this site! @__@

I think I might start making some Supernatural graphics as well. Holy helllll, am I HOOKED on that show! I'm so glad I discovered it last weekend. Till next time!

Also, please check out Frail Frivolity's Request Week and Rengyō's new look!! <3

Friday, 11/10/21, 12:13 PM

Layout Time:

I've made and uploaded a layout, FINALLY. I haven't been having much inspiration but this idea just suddenly popped into my head just after I woke up one morning. Yup, just like that! The main format remains pretty similar to how I imagined it, though I did add a lot more details (I originally thought of it as a REALLY simple layout). So, let's get on with the updates!
1 layout, Summon
2 avatars
2 buttons
5 signs

When I first got the idea, I also thought that it would fit in nicely with images of Tidus and also of the CG I showed you in my previous update. We'll see how that turns out~
Noooooooooooooooooooooo, only 2 weeks left of summer!! ='(

Monday, 11/08/22, 8:04 AM


Hello~ I've added 6 PNGs today. I would've updated yesterday but my internet connection was down. Well, here they are~ They're all featuring game by Otomate. Aaaah, I still love their artworks so much! <3 I had to make a new PNG page so I spent a bunch of time changing all the links all of the PNG pages (the ones that say << Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next >>) x__X. I hate doing that. =P

I have been spending some of my time working on a new CG of mine, which I have just recently completed:

I'm debating whether I should make some wallpapers out (like add some special effects to it) for ShadowFire. I'm also thinking about doing the same for some of my other CGs. Hmm~~

Anyway, I would like to welcome back my two affiliates, The Sky Waffle and Frail Frivolity!! Thank you for wanting to continue our affiliation, guys~ <3

Monday, 11/07/25, 9:38 AM

ShadowFire Is Back:

After a 30 day period, ShadowFire is back up and running!! As you should know, this site now has a new URL: http://shadowfire.net.tc. So please update your links~ =) I also have a new e-mail: mailshadowfire@gmail.com. Please use this one from now on!! Since it's summer now, I've also made a summer gift! *points above*

Unfortunately, I haven't made any new graphics because I spent all my time editing my old ones and my pages. I've changed perhaps 1000 links and one third of them were images, so they took even longer. x__X I've updated nearly every page, so here are some of the specifics:
Deleted 75 signs
Deleted 2 printables
Added 1 gift
Simplified (and made easier to remove) all watermarks for PNGs
Changed all the contact forms (four in total)
Updated the Host section in About Site
Updated the credits
Updated the About Me
Fixed/changed all links to my old URL.

I'm sorry that I didn't give a notice ahead of time about the site change. Unfortunately I was surprised by my host closing too, and didn't know about it until one day after my site was deleted. Luckily, I made a back up in March so I had practically all my files. Whew! Unfortately, Mystic and I have decided to close Elysian Rhapsody and both of us also closed our portfolios. However, I have put my art site, LightWater, back up.

Alsoooooooooooooo, my school officially closed yesterday and I'm done with all my exams! (Except driving =_=). I've also got a summer job~ And lately I've been watching TV again.. I've watched a lot of episodes of The Good Wife.. it's really good! o_o

Thank You:
Now, HUUUUUUUUUUUGE thanks to the amazing Misaki of Three-Words for accepting as a hostee. <3 She really rescued me not just from my not-having-a-host situation but also has constantly provided significant help with my problems with this domain. (We had quite a bit of technical difficulties at the beginning.) Thank you so, SO much, Misaki!!

I would also like to thank my previous host, Twirp. I am so grateful that he provided hosting for me for so many years. I've been hosted by him since 2006! Thank you so much for your generosity! It really gave me the opportunity to continue webdesigning.

I would also like to thank my sibling, Cyndy, Cassandra, Reita, and especially Lucien for your continous support. Right now there are many spots available, so feel free to apply if you feel that you meet the requirements. =) And for post affies, just drop me an e-mail if you want to affiliate again. =D

And of course, a big thanks to my visitors! I hope that many of you will drop by again in the future!

Thursday, 11/06/30, 5:22 PM

Gift And Layout:

Happy Easter!! *points to gift above*
Much love to Ahira.chan of Hinode Designs for her super cute gift! It's been suuuuuuuuuuch a long time since I last made a layout.. and twice that time since I made an iFrame! orz
This "new" layout is really a recreation of an old one from 2005. Here's a comparison of the two:

The one from 2005 is on the left, and the one from 2011 is on the right. What's sad is that I think the old one looks better in the thumbnail. LOL But the new one is actually much better.. really! Anyway, to the updates!
1 layout, Angels' Music
4 avatars
4 buttons
5 signs
1 gift

With that, this site now has 912 graphics in total! o___o Let's see when I'll reach 1000! But who knows, maybe I'll delete some old graphics first~ XD

Monday, 11/04/25, 6:48 PM

PNG Galore:

Well.... sorta. Let's just say this is the most PNGs I've added in one update! So I've uploaded a total of 15 new PNGs, all featuring games from Otomate. Maaaaan, I LOOVE their artwork! I actually spent the time to search up the names of the games & the characters featured instead of using "????" in the descriptions. It took a while.... =P What took an even longer while was me redoing all the thumbnails. I've made them much bigger now (nearly twice the size before) and the backgrounds transparent (so they match my layout more). Hopefully they look a bit nicer now. =D I also slightly updated the About Me page since now I'm 17. Finally got over that yucky age 16! Enjoy the new renders~

Friday, 11/03/16, 9:03 PM


11/02/16 //EDIT: So Fileden FINALLY works properly now and I've uploaded the 2 PNGs! Woot! Happy belated Valentine's Day! Aihira.chan of Divine Royalty and Reita of Stars Shine Bright sent over some gorgeous gifts. You guys are deeply loved~! I'd also like to announce that I tied first with Cali in Senzafine's layout contest!! Congratulations to the participants and thank you to all that voted for me!! =]

I deeply apologize for being a complete douche and not updating! I'll spare you my sob story so I'll just go on with my mini update: 2 PNGs. Pathetic, I know (just finished making them) but I didn't know what else I could whip up quickly and it would be ridiculous if I dragged on without updating. BUUUT, I REALIZED THAT FILEDEN IS BEING SCREWY RIGHT NOW SO THE NEW GRAPHICS AREN'T DISPLAYING PROPERLY ALAKJDFALSDFJ. Arggh, I'm sorry!! I'll try to reupload it when the server is working again! Also, I'd like to mention that I've reoppened affiliation. There are two spots available now! Well, Happy Chinese New Year!

Friday, 11/02/06, 9:59 PM

Happy New Years:

It's the last day of 2010 for me! But it's so quiet around here and I honestly didn't even really think about staying up till midnight! Ooh well, I'll just see how it goes. =P Since I didn't make a Christmas gift, I made a New Years gift instead! I wish everybody the best in 2011! Unfortunately that also means school's going to be opening in 3 days!! =( I've been spending a bunch of my time doing random things like baking and.. oh, that drawing I put up in the summer! Yes, I finally finished it!!

Seems like there's gonna be a lot of plugging in the update..! I'd like to announce that the voting on Senzafine is up! Please take your time to vote~ =D

Also, much much much much thanks to Aihara.chan, Lucien, and Cassandra for sending their lovely gifts! See ya'll next year!

Friday, 10/12/31, 7:25 PM

Happy Halloween:

Happy Halloween! I'm sorry I haven't been active for a whole month; unfortunately this gift is the only thing I've made since. =( For those who celebrates Halloween, I hope you have a blast! I'm gonna dress up as a super ugly nerd and eat out with my friends so I hope I don't get beat up on my way there. LOL Afterwards we're (well one of my friend is) gonna play Fatal Frame! Man, the farthest I got in that game was when the brother dissapeared.. when it got to the sister, I couldn't play anymore. Just by watching other people play that game scares the crap out of me. I hope I don't get nightmares! XD

Saturday, 10/10/30, 10:39 PM

Layout Set:

X__X It's been a month! I got a cold exactly last week and I'm still recovering.. but at least I'm recovering! =D I'm back with not a lot of graphic content, but it's much better than last time:
1 layout, Royal Hearts
2 avatar
2 button
5 signs

I changed the 404 sign into Lost simply because I didn't want to use numbers anymore.. I was gonna change it to Error instead but I didn't want any repitions with the first letter (the Enter signs). Hoooly, I spent SO much time trying to figure out who's in that artwork! I thought it was some PC game but it's actually doujinishi work by Mako Tatekawa. Speaking of artwork, I've unfortunately STILL haven't finished the CG I mentioned 2 updates ago.. I actually haven't worked on it since I left for my trip. x__x On another note.. I'm happy to announce that ELYSIAN RHAPSODY IS BACK UP!!!! For those that doesn't know, it's a collab site by Mystic and I. We've decided to split it into three sections now. Also, Mystic designed the splash page so check it out~

Thursday, 10/09/23, 7:37 PM

I'm Back:

I'm back from my vacation! And I've made.... 1 avatar! XD Sorry, I just made it a while ago. I mainly wanted to announce that I'll be updating again. My trip was amazing: I visited so many places, met tons of fantastic people, and just had lots of fun overall. It's midnight now, so I oughta get some sleep (although I slept till 5 PM today.. well yesterday, LOL) Maybe I'll edit this update and talk more 'bout it tomorrow (or should I say later today..?). Also, before I go, I wanna welcome back Cyndy, who's new site is Aurorial!

Sunday, 10/08/22, 1:26 AM


I hope everyone's enjoying their summer. I added a gift for you. *points above* Two days from now I will be on vacation for a month and a half. During that time I will not have computer access so I will not be able to update or reply e-mails and tags. Sorry about that. >_<
*All siblings and affiliates should have recieved an e-mail with that information.

So what have I been doing since my last update? I've been slowly working on a new CG. Here's a preview:

The screenshot was taken a few days back so more work has been completed since. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it before I leave. =) The guy isn't anybody in particular though I used Enrique Iglesias as a reference. Maybe I'll talk more about it when I'm back. See you all in mid August! ^^

Monday, 10/07/05, 11:31 PM

Another Layout:

I'm back with another update, faster than I thought. I'm really happy with the result of my socials exam (just got it today). I have 3 exams that I still need to write... can't wait till they're over. x__x
The update is quite similar as last time's:
1 layout, Shiver
1 avatar
1 button
5 signs

One thing I really like about the new layout is the content & navigation area. Wished I did that in my Amethyst layout, but oh well. Both the image and the foggy effect came into mind while I was listening to Shawn Desman's Shiver a few days ago. It was meant to look more gray, but because I wanted to practice the ethereal effect it ended up more like a blend of both.

Friday, 10/06/18, 5:21 PM
Trying Out The Ethereal Look:

So school's out for me.. kinda. I still have to prepare and write the final exams. I'm feeling a bit stressed out about socials. *sigh*
So I've been trying to do this ethereal look for well, years, and I think I may have finally achieved it! =D I'll definitely be practicing it more since I have the basic idea on how to create the effect. I added:
1 layout, Amethyst
2 avatars
2 buttons
5 signs

Also, welcome ShadowFire's newest sibling, Ella of Jiyuu~
I've joined Amaya's Birthstone contest, so wish me luck! (and join in as well~)
Yeah well I better start studying now, lol.

Friday, 10/06/11, 4:06 PM
Finally A New Look:

I thought the last layout has been up for 6 months when it's actually been 9. To contrast the previous simple and monochrome look, here's something much more colourful and (hopefully) less boring. I've been thinking about designing a new layout for a few weeks, but I had a sudden impulse to actually do it. I tweaked and improved the old format so it looks better on larger resolutions. It still has a liquid content but I have set a maximum width so it doesn't stretch on forever. I also centered the entire layout so I don't have to lean to one side of the screen to look at it.

For those that remember, yes this is the same fanart I used for my Provoke Me premade except this time I didn't overkill it with textures... hopefully. The iframe box showing the newest addition was so damn annoying, and I ended up having to take out the welcome message because it was too small. To scroll up/down hover the arrows on the right of the box.

Everything about this layout took me a really long time to do. @__@ I personally think this version is a step up from the previous one but constructive critism & advice is always welcome. 8D
Aaaaand please welcome ShadowFire's newest affiliate, Yumi A. from Pokeshore! Her site offers tons of top notch quality graphics, so don't forget to give it a visit! Because I have 10 affies now, I have closed affiliation again. Sorry, I didn't make any new graphics! >_< I've only added new content in the site layouts, link me, and links out page. I did, however, edit the majority of the pages to improve their look and reuploaded some content to a different server.

I watched Iron Man 2 on Sunday and it was awesome. I like the first one more, but the sequel is definitely not bad. Iron Man's the funniest superhero movie series I've seen. And I can't wait for the new season for V... which is next year. =__=
ANYWAY, enjoy the new layout! (And don't forget to leave your thoughts..! =D)

Friday, 10/05/28, 4:11 PM