.:Terms Of Use:.

GENERAL GRAPHICS [avatars, buttons, signs, etc]
1. You must link back to shadowfire.prism.net! It would be great if you link back on the page the graphic is displayed, but a credit page would do. =)
2. Do not stick the link in some random place, please have them visible and easy to find. Please make sure the link is working!
3. Please do not restribute (which also includes cropping!), steal, or claim any of the graphics as your own!
4. No direct linking/hotlinking anything at all unless a code is provided.
5. If watermarks and/or credits are already with the graphics, do NOT remove them (with the exception of PNGs)!
6. May not be used for profit/commercial purposes.

RESOURCES [PNGs, stamps]
The rules are the same as General Graphics plus:
1. You may use these for your own graphics, but a link is needed, whether with the graphic or on your credit page.
2. Do not alter these and give them out as your own PNGs/stamps.

The rules are the same as General Graphics plus:
1. If you use the extras with the layout, you do not need to provide an extra credit link back. But if you use them with your own layout or anyone else's, please link back to shadowfire.prism.net.
2. Do NOT copy the code and/or CSS! Whether you link back or not, do not forge them.

1. DO NOT COPY ANY OF THESE!! It doesn't matter if you copied the whole thing or changed some parts.
2. Never display these on your/someone else's site. If you want to point a visitor to the tutorial, please provide a link back to shadowfire.prism.net.
3. If the tutorials helped you in any sort of way, please link back! I'm willing to share my ideas and spend time and effort on making them. Please don't make me regret it. =(

Hopefully these rules are clear enough. If you are not sure about them please e-mail me. =)

Last updated: 13/01/07